Register for the WRKSHP 2022

Artnoise WRKSHP

Artnoise WRKSHP 2022 | Morocco

Registration is free, Entry is MAD200/$20

Our 20222023 open calls welcomes Black female creatives to find inspiration through African arts and culture

Join our class! Artists and art enthusiasts are welcome to join our intimate 3 – 4 hour art workshop during our Morocco program.

We are offering classes in Illustration, Painting, Photography, and Sculpting. This is an opportunity for artists or art enthusiasts of any age to learn new art skills, meet other creatives and have fun!

Included for attendees are our Workshop workbook, tote, and refreshments. Our workbook will help aspiring artists continue to develop their skills through exercises and assignments to help keep track of their progress. 

We also follow up via social media to encourage those serious about improving to continue working on their art! 

Registration is free but you are required to pay a small gate fee of MAD200 which is equivalent to $20.

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