Digital Residency

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Digital Residency Start 12th August 2021
Digital Residency End 7th November 2023


Artnoise Digital Residency 2021 – 2023 is designed for creatives in the digital space who are open to exploring Afro inspired arts and audiences. This program provides them with opportunities for career and artistic development. Including online development courses and discourse, cultural experiences, networking, collaboration and exhibition opportunities, grants and other creative resources.

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, we rescheduled and extended our program to 2021 through to 2023.

What does the program offer?

Artnoise Digital Residency 2021 – 2023 offers the opportunity for creatives in the digital space to sharpen their tools while exploring new audiences and cultures from any part of the world in an online setting.

Who should apply?

This program is aimed at Writers, Painters, Illustrators, Sculptors, Game Arts, Digital painters, Cyberartists, Photographers, Game Artists, Immersion (virtual reality), Motion graphics artists, Tradigital art and other arts professionals.

Courses will be available in English, French, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese or German.

What’s Included

Online Schedule: The program includes an online schedule which would serve as the guide for courses and meetings.
Study Material: Written and video learning material that serves as a guide.
Grant Opportunities:  Participants of the program will be forwarded grant opportunities through out the course of the program.
Online courses & Discourse: Schedule of online courses as well as opportunities to discourse with colleagues.
Online Exhibition and Offline Exhibition: This program offers opportunities to showcase your work throughout the program.
Participant Resources: Enrich your experience and get to know other artists in the community by taking advantage of the activities and support provided by our Participant Resources team.
Technical Support:  Support for production, technical assistance and communication assistance
Other Resources:  Access to online experiences and mentorship

How to Apply

Kindly fill the application form and you will be updated with invite links and updates via email or phone number.

Fees & Financial Assistance

No application fee for this program.

Note: All programs, faculty, dates, fees, and offers of financial assistance are subject to change. All fees are refunded at the discretion of Artnoise Open Residency.

Contact the Admin

For questions on preparing your application, please contact Christine Email: or

Art Noise is a member of Resartis, worldwide network of artist residencies