Art Noise Z Program Membership

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The Z program is a great way for Teens to expand their knowledge of Arts & Culture, Fashion and Music, network and Earn Money.

About Art Noise Z Program

Art Noise Z Program aims to provide a social and intellectual introduction to the world of arts and cultures and give teens a way to leverage their social Influence to earn money.

Whilst having fun, the Z Program encourages teens to be entrepreneurial, grow their social influence, and engage in community development projects.

In addition to their own event, Z Program Members can also attend Art Noise events and apply for free tickets to many national arts, Fashion and Music events.

Social Events

Art Noise Z program holds a yearly networking conference for teens with interests in arts, fashion & Music. Details of the conference will be forwarded to members.

Join the Z Program

To be a member of Art Noise Z program, you need to be under 18 years and annual membership costs only $5.

Members of Art Noise Z Program will receive:

$10 on every order made using member’s custom coupon code.

Recommendation Letter for University/College/Future Job Application

Art Noise Product Samples as available

Free tickets to Art Noise Art Events

Please note Membership is for Teens aged 13 -18 only.

For additional information, send an email to

Z Program Membership Registration

* are compulsory