Art Noise 2018 Residency Candidates

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Allow Us to Introduce 6 revolutionary Young Creatives

We are honored to introduce to you to six young and exciting new Artists who will be joining Art Noise as candidates of the residency program. We would like to give special thanks to our judges Yagazie Emezi, Aida B Solomon, Dan Halter, Bili Sule and more for their recommendations and involvement with the projects. We would also like to thank all the amazing creatives who applied, we would have taken them all if we could.

Bisi Courage Ngwa


Bisi is an 18-year-old final year student from Cameroon who has been working on her fashion company for over 3 years. Her designs have appeared on several runways, like FIAFA annual event, COCOWOLS fashion festival, BUEA fashion week, CAMEROON FASHION WEEK season 2 etc, to name a few and she has styled celebrities and appeared in TV and Radio Interviews across Cameroon. Over the years she has worked on the brand building it up as one of the leading brands in Cameroon, known for its diversity in colour and African culture.

Iniabasi Itama

Iniabasi Itama is a celebrated painter, writer and former radio personality who resigned from her Radio Job to pursue her art.

Her art emphasizes individual experimentation of emotions stirred up after incidents or circumstances in life; mostly circumstances that lead up to a period of darkness, and a coming out of, of some sort, depicting in its own expression of sensibility a sense of hope, or a craving of it. It exudes heavy subjective colouring and distorted forms of the illusion of the human face. She has appeared in 3 exhibitions and counting.

Anaka Morris

Anaka Morris is an LA Based filmmaker and photographer documenting artists and their creative processes for archival purposes. She uses her lens to document Indigenous art forms before they are erased, and to illustrate how new art forms are inspired by the struggles of oppression.

Anaka has worked with clients like Kendrick Lamar, Demi Lovato, travelled to Uganda, South Africa, she is using her lens to document them all.

Mohamed Mohamud


Mohamed Mohamud was born and raised in London, England but is originally from Mogadishu, Somalia. He is the founder of an online platform called Somali Sideways. Somali Sideways was founded three years ago, and has played an important role in documenting and Inspiring young people to share and inspire each other through pictures and personal stories. Somali Sideways places a huge focus on the Somalian immigrant experience and gives us an insight into people from various cultural backgrounds and their positive achievements.

Hugo Mendes


Hugo Mendes is a visual artist from Maputo, Mozambique and as Mozambique is a country with a rich culture diversity and a strong tradition of craftsmanship in woodcarving and sculptures, he takes inspiration from these processes, and creates work that resembles the craft of woodblock printing. Through his artwork, he aims to represent everyday life aspects referring to the collective history of the Mozambican people and their fantasies, while seeking more intimate elements related to the dark side of his psyche and the black experience. Hugo attempts to produce content that interests and represents him, but isn’t available to him in Mozambique. Through his artwork, he aims to represent everyday life aspects referring to the collective history of the Mozambican people and their fantasies and at the same time seek more intimate elements, related to the dark side of my psyche and the black experience, in an attempt to produce content that interest and represent him.


Samah Musa Eltahir

Samah Musa Eltahir is an award winning Sudanese Artist and Medical doctor. She has won First Place awards like: world environmental day in Sudan, coffique competition for artists in Saudi Arabia. She is an excellent painter who has been featured in social Art Exhibitions and more.

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