Application Closed
Application Closed Friday 19th April 2019
Exam Dates 27th or 30th April 2019
Admission Notification 20th June 2019
Program Start 15th July 2019
Program End 26th September 2019
The program is split into micro-trimesters of 3-3-4 weeks, allowing applicants who have long term commitments break up their program schedule as needed.


The altreviolett Music Residency has been designed to meet the needs of emerging or independent individuals or groups who are ready to take the next step in their careers and artistic development. It offers them a unique opportunity to write, rehearse, and record new music in a ten-week stint at exclusive living quarters in Toronto, Canada as a way to plug into the influence of the growing hip-hop and afro music scene, find new inspiration in the city and bring more into day-to-day life. 

What does the program offer?

The artists will focus on developing their sound and creating new material through self-study and interaction with the city, with our program director on hand to support you and help you find the right inspiration. There will also be plenty of time to collaborate with fellow artists, creatives of other disciplines during the program, exchange ideas and spark off each other. Each artist or group will have 2 hours of studio time daily, paid online courses, their own dedicated rehearsal space, production support to assist in the creation of new material.  Recording is a central part of this residency. Artists will spend a large period of time each day in a recording studio within Toronto. These sessions are intended to give artists an opportunity to experiment with new approaches to production, arrangement, recording, and performance in the studio. On average, participants are able to record two to three songs over the course of this residency, and all recorded materials remain the property of the artist. 

Who should apply?

This program is aimed at emerging or independent artists who are influenced in any form by afro music and cultures, hip-hop sounds who would benefit from time in the studio, with the opportunity to collaborate with peers, take professional courses and meet potential mentors. Artists will be allowed to break their program schedule into 3 micro-trimesters (3-3-4 week) and are allowed to opt out of any 2 sections of the program depending on their yearly schedule; however, all artists who are entered into the program must make the program aware of their schedule beforehand.

What’s Included

Shared Room: The program includes a shared bedroom on exclusive living quarters in the heart of Toronto for the duration of your program.
Regular Meal Plan: Using a meal ticket system to dine on at a local canteen, our flexible meal plans allow you to select meals according to your own needs during your stay.
Funding:  Participants of the program can request funding and support for their projects as needed.
Studio Time: Every member of the program is allocated 1-2 hours of studio time daily which they can use in joint or single sessions depending on their relationship with others
Recording Opportunities – Demo recordings: you’ll have the option to record up to 30 minutes of music at a reduced rate as part of your program. These recordings are intended to be used for auditions or personal promotion, not for commercial purposes.
Studio recordings: commercial recordings can also be integrated into a music residency at normal rates.
Showcase your work: This program offers opportunities to showcase your work during the final exhibition.
Participant Resources: Enrich your experience and get to know other artists on campus by taking advantage of the activities and support provided by our Participant Resources team.
Technical Support:  Support for production, technical assistance and communication assistance
Other Resources:  Studio visits and Professional networking with the Canadian music community   


How to Apply

Individual applications: Kindly fill the application form and make the Application fee and Registration payments.

Group applications: The group leader must complete a single application form, make application payments and registration and upload supporting material.

Pay Application fee *for group applications, the group leader should complete the application payment and contact us at or for the private payment page for its additional members.

Register for exam Deadline for exam registration is 48 hours before your exam date.

Fees & Financial Assistance

Program Application fee* $50 (Reviewed fee) for Application fee for Individuals and $35 per additional member for groups Examination Registration fee* $50 for the exam registration per individual 


Travel Allowance is now available for this program, simply send an email to or when uploading your application to be considered.  


Participants are selected through a short exam process that examines how they qualify for the program and on basis of their submitted material.   

Note: All programs, faculty, dates, fees, and offers of financial assistance are subject to change. All fees are refunded at the discretion of Artnoise altreviolett program.

Contact the Admin

For questions on preparing your application, please contact Christine Email: or

Art Noise is a member of Resartis, worldwide network of artist residencies

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