Art Noise Travel Residency 2018 Application

Experiencing Art from a different point of view.


Art Noise Travel Residency Program invites visual artists, Applied Artists, designers, Art Theorists/writers, cultural students are invited to explore African Arts and Cultures through work-study relationships with contemporary African Artists and Traditional Artisans as well as personal work across three African countries and their communities for a period of 3 months.


The selected applicants will receive a monthly allowance of up to $2,000 depending on the project, travel allowance, insurance, safety and insurance work space and residential accommodation in the communities.

All Art created during the residency will be presented in a public exhibition space.

The presentation should also include a short written presentation about the experience which will be shared in our magazine at the end of the year.

The selected African countries to be visited are:




Lagos (where the final exhibition will take place)

*Due to the instability in some African Countries, the selected countries are subject to change before the start of the residency to ensure the safety of all candidates. 

It is our mission to support and empower creators by inviting artists to reflect, act and intervene in everyday African life, exploring the ways that society on the African continent is changing in order to promote innovation and create social impact.

Our values are: respect for personal, cultural and religious differences, diversity, individualism, education and social and community development.


Visual artists, designers, art writers, cultural students, applied artists of African/ black descent or of non black descent who are interested in african/black arts and cultures who speak English, French, Arabic, Spanish, Portugese or German.

Age: 18 – 35


  • Artistic ambition
  • Innovation
  • Social impact
  • Uniqueness


Aida B. Solomon, Co Founder of ‎Integrate Africa, Los Angeles, California

Yagazie Emezi, renowned documentary photographer

Olaloye Bunmi, Self Taught Nigerian Artist

Vincent Mantsoe, South African dancer and choreographer

Nnenna Okore, Australia born artist who works both in Nigeria and the United States

Dan Halter is a Zimbabwean born Artist

Rebekah Codlin, Talented New Zealand Portrait artist

Bili Sule, VP digital marketing Jumia


  • Selection of candidates: Mid-May 2018
  • Residency begins: June 2018
  • Residency Period: 3 months



Art Noise Travel Residency Program aims to develop and influence world view of creatives by introducing them to cultures different from their own and give them a new cultural experience. We want artists to create art during the period that is similar to the art of the country they are currently with their own personal interpretation of their art as well as the social condition of the people.

Residency facilities
– Orientation to the community
– 1 general shared studio, Access to an art Gallery in the city, Internet, shared kitchen
– Accommodation (3 – 5 bedrooms) in a rented apartment by Art Noise
– Support for production, technical assistance and communication assistance
– Studio visits and Professional networking with the art community and artisans in the community



Applications are strictly online using the form below. 

In order to cover the processing of application forms, a participation fee of $30 – $50 must accompany the application. This fee is non-refundable.

After your submission is confirmed, an email will be sent to you with payment details for the application fee within 12 hours.

Selected candidates will be interviewed in Capetown, South Africa or via online video interview.


Art Noise Ltd | Art Noise Travel Residency Program is a member of Resartis, worldwide network of artist residencies